Extruders and IMMs

Extruders and injection molding machines are at the core of the plastics manufacturing industry. These machines come in form of fully hydraulic, fully electric or hybrids.

At CSE we have much experience in controls implementation and execution of a wide variety of these machines. We offer the following solutions:

  • Siemens Siject-based control package for extruder
    The extrusion package allows to operate up to six drives of an extrusion line as well as to control automatically up to sixteen temperature zones.

  • Siemens IMM controls package

    Standard injection application with customizable operator screens, WinCCflexible controller software via STEP 7 open system and modular extensibility.

    Thermoplastic options include ventilate, stamping, and darner; temperature-extension (e.g. up to 64 Zones); temperature control; 8 Standard + 8 heating / cooling zones with different PWM-setup; auto tuning and plausibility check.

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